Tax Advantage

Our Story

Point Reyes, California by Connor Brennan


It all started when…

What can we say—we’ve been in this business together for over 25 years! It started in Hilo, Hawaii in 1994. We bought a little income tax business of just 100 clients from a gentleman that was retiring. We renamed the business Tax Advantage and expanded to Kona just a couple years later. We worked hard over the next several years, building our business to almost 2500 clients.

Fast forward 14 years, we decided to move to the mainland, California to be exact. We moved to be closer to family and aging parents so we sold our prosperous business to a gentleman from Kauai. We began again in our new home town and built a boutique tax practice. Then in 2017, we got word about an opportunity to purchase back the Hilo, Hawaii office, and we didn’t hesitate to take the plunge. The timing was perfect, the planets were aligned…. however you want to describe it—here we are now—with Hawaii and California offices. We have been happy to get back to the islands to enjoy the qualities that we had missed and yet still able to be close to our family in California!

We like to think we do things differently. We serve our clients with professional expertise, ingenuity, humor and compassion, and are dedicated to supporting clients in having a more nurturing and satisfying experience with their financial affairs. We are proud to provide the opportunities and advantages to help relieve the stress and worry associated with Tax Preparation & Planning. Personal attention and dedication to building long-term relationships are at the foundation of our business.

So from DAY 1, we’ve tried to go beyond what is expected! We try to make a difference in our client’s lives!

We truly feel it all comes down to this…. We have a service to provide. And we ALWAYS do our best in providing amazing, accurate work! But when all is said and done our clients may forget the service we provided….But, they will never, ever forget how we made them feel.


Heinz and Karen Cronauer